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Anthony Weiner’s Uncensored Penis Pics Posted Online (WARNING: Graphic)

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner – the NY mayoral candidate of Carlos Danger sexting infamy – has put himself into another sexting scandal, and now uncensored penis pics he sent to his online partner who is not his wife has been posted online. – who first broke the news of the scandal – had initially posted the censored pics and the raunchy Facebook exchanges on their site, forcing Weiner to come out with his wife and give a public apology in the media, while still maintaining that he won’t pull out from the NYC mayoral race.

But’s owner Nik Richie – not happy with the fact that Weiner still wants to continue vying for the NYC mayoral seat – decided to post the uncensored pics, and he did not hide his reason for doing it:

‘There comes a time for people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with self-absorbed, perverted politicians. New York City, now is that time! As the flagship city of the United States, you must use this as an opportunity to tell the world that dirty politicians like Anthony Weiner don’t deserve to represent you.

Today is the first time in our company history that has published extreme nude images without censor because New York deserves better leadership than this.

Let your voices be heard and demand that Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger withdraws immediately from the mayoral race. Now is your time, your opportunity to positively shift the focus of the mainstream media and the culture of politics in the United States.- nik’

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND clicking on this link, but if you still want to see the naked penis, go ahead at your own risk.

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